Hey There! I'm Jackson

It's so great to meet you. Since you're here, you already know I'm a photographer. What you might not know is I'm a big old nerd who likes PCs AND Tech.
Impossible, you say? Maybe. But I've got a sweet little hobby which bound with just nerdy projects, so I'm keeping my nerd culture game strong; just in case.
"That's great Jackson. Do you have any other weird facts we should know about?
"Why, yes, I do! I'm so glad you asked.

  • I’m a sucker for artworks. Especially paintings or sculptures. Obsessed.
  • Purple is my favorite kind of color. Not to be confused with violet… which is terrifying.
  • My favorite TV series is Spartacus. It would have been replaced by Game of Thrones , but since he has yet to finish the series in literary form, I cannot render the story complete, and am thus unable to label it as “my favorite.” #seriesnob #thefinalseasonwasTERRIBLE #youcan’tchangemymind

  • I’m a Diploma holder in Accounting and finance. I attended exactly 2 weeks of an Accounting job, and promptly decided that it wasn’t for me.
  • I am also a sewing class dropout. I attended exactly 1 week of a sewing class workshop, and decided it wasn’t for me.
  • After my A-level studies I landed a job at a photo studio, that detailed how my passion for photography started growing, as my experince steadily grew untill I was able to develop my own career.

So there you have it! That’s me in a nutshell (insert Austin Powers imitation here). When I’m not shooting portraits for my amazing fri-ents (that’s friend-clients {literally just coined that}), you can find me quoting movies (see above reference), making up new words (see above reference), and doing my best to maintain an acceptable level of social awkwardness (see literally any photo of me).


The bottom line is that I'm a simple guy, and I LOVE good photos, don't you?

Life is too short to have your husband be the only one in the photos and thousands of only selffies. Your kids need photos of YOU. Photos of you by yourself. Photos of you with them. Photos of you with your spouse. Photos of you doing what YOU love to do.

That's why I'm here. I want to learn about you, and how I can best document your story. Ready to tell your story? Message me and we'll get started.

Mondi Jackson.

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